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Sign In to My CL Carnegie Learning & MATHia Login Page
    Sign in to My CL to access Carnegie Learning's MATHia Software, Teacher's Toolkit or Educator, Parent, or Student Resource Center using this login page.

Math Curriculum & Software Solutions Carnegie Learning
    Our math learning solutions for middle school and high school combine consumable textbooks, intelligent 1-to-1 math tutoring software, and transformative professional learning services.

Genetics Cognitive Tutor - Carnegie Mellon School of ...
    The Carnegie Mellon Genetics Cognitive Tutor provides rich multi-step problems and provides whatever step-by-step help students need to complete each problem successfully.. The Tutor - is easy to adopt - requires no grading - is easy for your students to use either as homework or in class

Student Directions for logging into Mathia & Cognitive ...
    7) Click on the ^Cognitive Tutor Prime software button to enter. This link is for students using both MATHia and Cognitive Tutor for any 6th, 7th, 8th or Algebra Carnegie course. 8) Students will now see their home screen with the appropriate math modules for the course they are enrolled in.

Carnegie Learning’s Cognitive Tutor: Summary Research Results
    Carnegie Learning’s Cognitive Tutor™: Summary Research Results The Cognitive Tutor™ program’s heritage as a research project is reflected in the extensive work that has gone into evaluating its effectiveness. In this paper, we describe various evaluations that demonstrate the power of the Cognitive Tutor …

Successful Application of CS - Carnegie Learning
    Carnegie Learning’s Cognitive Tutor programs give students the opportunity to receive individualized attention, maximizing the amount of time spent actively learning and mastering fundamental sets of knowledge skills. Cognitive Tutor programs are an innovative application of technology, applied content curriculum and cognitive science.

MATHia X: The Next Generation Cognitive Tutor
    MATHia X, Cognitive Tutor, intelligent tutoring syst ems, real-world implementation , mastery learning, wheel -spinning 1. MATHIA X & COGNITIVE TUTOR MATHia X is the next generation platform for Carnegie LearningÕs Cognitive Tutor (CT) [5], an intelligent tutoring system (ITS) for mathematics used by hundreds of thousands ofAuthor: Steven Ritter, Stephen Fancsali

Cognitive tutor - Wikipedia
    A cognitive tutor is a particular kind of intelligent tutoring system that utilizes a cognitive model to provide feedback to students as they are working through problems. This feedback will immediately inform students of the correctness, or incorrectness, of their actions in the tutor interface; however, cognitive tutors also have the ability to provide context-sensitive hints and instruction ...

Review of Carnegie Learning Cognitive Tutor Algebra I ...
    Review of Carnegie Learning's Cognitive Tutor Algebra 1. Carnegie Learning's Algebra 1 curriculum consists of two parts: textbook and software. It is truly a unique curriculum and unlike anything I've seen before. One can see that a lot of work has gone into creating this product.

Single sign-on for education Clever
    Clever brings all K12 applications into one secure portal and provide single sign-on for everyone in the district.

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