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1040Now Online Tax Preparation & Electronic Filing

    If you already have a 1040Now account, select this option to sign back in: a) To start or continue your 2018 tax return b) To check your e-file status. 3. Start your 2018 tax return using 2017 tax data. If you used 1040Now last year, select this option to transfer 2017 tax data to your 2018 tax return. 4.

1040Now :: Free Online Tax Preparation & Electronic Filing

    1040Now website is secured by GeoTrust's EV SSL (Secure Socket Layers) certificates, the highest level of encryption and security possible. 1040Now privacy and security programs are currently under reviewed by TrustE in accordance with all IRS privacy and security requirements.

1040Now - E-File Status

    E-File Status: "NOT SUBMITTED" - not yet submitted "SUBMITTED*" - waiting for state tax return to be submitted. Federal and State Tax Returns are to be electronically filed at the same time. "SUBMITTED" - waiting for IRS acknowledgement. Please allow up to 48 to 72 hours for your tax return to be processed.


    How long can my tax return information be kept at 1040Now? ... You need to login to your account to check the e-filing status of your tax return. Can I start my return and finish it at another time? 1040Now automatically saves your information as you complete each step. You may return to work on your tax return at any time by Login to 1040Now ...


    Enter 1040Now Previous Years Secured Site:. Current Tax Year 2018; Tax Year 2017; Prior Tax Years - Offline: For your tax records, please contact your tax authority.

1040Now Online Tax Preparation & Electronic Filing

    1040Now Federal / State Tax Forms. Please contact 1040Now Support ([email protected]) if you find any Federal or State Tax Forms missing from our list.Federal Tax Forms State Tax Forms Federal Tax Forms: 1040 Forms Not Suppoted: Please contact 1040Now Support ([email protected]) if you find any Federal Tax Forms missing from our list belows.


    To qualify for 1040Now free file offer, your account and tax return(s) must be created from an authorized 1040Now Free File link. If you do not qualify for our free filing offer: Federal tax return preparation and paper filing - FREE Federal Tax Return eletronic filing fee is: $19.95

1040Now User Guide

    Your return is securely transmitted by 1040Now directly to I.R.S. computers for processing. You do not need to mail anything to the I.R.S. The I.R.S. will notify 1040Now whether your tax return(s) has been accepted and, in turn, you can access to the e-filing page for the status of your tax return(s).

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